A unique training for writers who really want a literary agent.

This fast-paced and immersive course experience helps writers prepare to pitch their book projects successfully by providing a clear understanding of what agents desperately want storytellers to know & do before they pitch. In the PITCH & SELL BOOT CAMP we shorten the learning curve so that you can start pitching your book like a pro today. Here’s a look at just some of what you’ll learn:

  • what agents are looking for and how to meet that criteria

  • how to go inside the pitch, create your assets and build the ultimate pitch package

  • how to become a storySELLER and give the best written and verbal pitch of your life

  • pitching lessons from Hollywood, do's & don'ts + the powerball perspective

  • ways to stand out, get read and have the industry come after you!

Find out how to...

  • Think About Story

    Find out how the industry thinks about story so you can use it to your advantage

  • Write About Story

    Find out how to take your 250-350 page book and describe it in one sentence

  • Talk About Story

    Find out how to talk about story so you can nail a verbal pitch

Join the fast-track!

It's never been easier to level up and begin to approach pitching in a better way, to go after what you want with a completely new awareness about what it truly means to pitch & sell your idea within a story industry.


Linda Predovsky

I'm a former television writer & producer with over two decades of experience pitching projects, including 10 years as head of Predworld Entertainment. I've had three top agents for TV and books. Today, I help unrep'd authors (new and experienced) compete in the industry, get agent attention and go pro.

Never wait for things to happen, make them happen

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