Your book. Your author goals.

If you're ready to get real about delivering your book to readers, here's what can happen next:

  • You'll be given action steps that move you forward onto the next phase of the pro author pathway.

  • You'll build out your entire pitch package (verbal and written) - synopsis, query, book pitch, logline and more.

  • You'll be challenged to go beyond what you think are your limits and finish prepared and ready to go pro.


Linda Predovsky

Pro Author Coach

I'm Linda Predovsky, a Pro Author Coach dedicated to helping you unlock your storytelling & STORY SELLING potential so that you can compete in the industry! After an incredible run as a television writer/producer who's been represented by three top literary agencies for TV and books, it's my mission to help aspiring authors just like you, GO PRO. My clients have gone on to receive requests and offers from agencies such as CAA, Trident Media, KT Literary, Carol Mann, Transatlantic and more. Now it's your turn! I'm looking forward to working with you. Let's do this! Linda